1. To imagine is to have Everything.

2. Love makes the way to God.

3. Present is Past in Future.

4. Pain is sure in Gain.

5. In this world there are lot of Yesterdays,not many Tomorrows.

6. Luck is a duck can Swim,Walk and Fly.

7. Luck is as Lock you have its Key.
Click left it,s closes.
Click right it,s open.

8. Patience and Passion,count the fishes.

9. Life is not a Football someone comes and kick off for own Goal.
10. The way you think the road you get.

11. In life opportunities like a cone in the beginning lot you have at the end
only a point of end.

12. As a point helps draw a big circle so do things with big think in a great

13. The people who believes in stairs success stable,but who believe in life
success unstable.

14. There is a wall between success and failure now your turn which side you jump.

15. Smile goes miles who feel tired while smiling smile miles away.

16. It is very hard to achieve but very easy stepping towards.

17. The whole world say, few do, and one win.

18. Zero in left no mean but Zero in right a lot meaning so do right.